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- Live small straight trucks pick up in the same day or week. 

- Custom recycled pallets.

- We sell used standard pallets grade A and B, new and combo pallets.

- We pick up your scrap and your unwanted pallets 40 x 48 trailer drop-off if available, for FREE.

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Our Vision

Active since 2012

Because Quality Matters.

​We work fast and efficiently to avoid any delays with your orders.

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"Excellent service. needed a pallet built for a machine pickup. Got it done and delivered at a great price in less than 3 hours. I highly recommend them."

          -- D. Sirotkin

"Excellent service, quick delivery, and fairly priced."

          -- S. Kling 

"We needed some pallets removed from our warehouse in New Berlin. We gave them a call and they sent somebody to pick them up the same day. Great Service!!!"

          -- R. G​

We are a Woman & Family owned Business

Our Clients Speak

​"We have had the pleasure of working with Faaral Wood Pallets for about 4+ years now and they have by far the best service and are always so quick with their turnarounds. They are very easy to work with and care about their customers. Thank you, Faaral Wood Pallets, for all you do for Innovative Fiber!"

          -- The Innovative Fiber Team

"Very few of our vendors promise, communicate, delivery and work as hard Faaral Wood Pallets. The wood pallet business was always a stress point because of our large size. They have never failed."

          -- Lance Longhenry, Facility Manager
             Weyco Group

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Saturday: 7 AM - 1 PM

Sunday: CLOSED

Our Mission

Did you Know?

By recycling wood pallets, we save around 40 million trees every year. 

Create loyalty connection with our customers.

CALL US AT (414) 534-5058

Our Services

Call for pricing on your unwanted pallets 40 x 48

The satisfaction and quality of our services to our customers is important at the time of delivery.  We make sure that you have the space available when picking up your scrap wood and unwanted pallets, before making your next delivery.

We are always one step ahead, avoiding delays in your orders. Attentive with every order, no matter how small or large it is, you can count on us. Your concern is also ours because we understand that your products have to be on time. Always trying to avoid partial or incomplete deliveries to our existing clients.

1545 W Pierce St Milwaukee WI 53204 US


Phone: (414) 534-5058


- Trade off your broken 40 x 48 pallets to lower your price of your rebuilt pallets order.

- Provides from the standard 40 x 48 pallet to custom sizes, built to your precise specifications in any quantity including new and re-manufactured. 

​- Our strong suit is pallet orders of small quantity